I am an independent artist working between Canada and Berlin who has had my life shifted by the infinite flow and energy of sacred geometry (the inner structure of our being) and the practice of yoga.  I began exploring the potential of these patterns by creating drawings and paintings in hopes of gaining a deeper understanding of them.  Eventually this lead to tattooing my body with these patterns as I see them as spiritual tools to uplift my vibration and the vibrations of those around me.  

While practicing yoga one day I had the thought of adding my sacred geometry art work to yoga apparel.  The practice of yoga allows you to move energy through your body and what better way to enhance this flow of energy than to be physically wearing the pattern.

It is through these ancient patterns that we as beings can connect with the infinite flow of energy that shapes our existence, helping us better understand where we’ve been, where we are and where we are going.

All of the designs are based off of high resolution scans of my paintings that I have altered to fit the yoga pants. 

Thank you for your interest and curiosity in sacred geometry as well as connecting with my shop.

Shine Bright 

            Sky Reishi